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One of the most experienced teams in the crypto industry working to end animal abuse and homelessness.

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Blazing the trail for digital asset mining

West Nomad is leading the digital finance revolution and advancing decentralized systems with high-performance computing.

Pioneering the global digital economy

West Nomad’s unique mixture of experienced leadership, vision, and innovation set us apart. We are business building technologists, and believers in decentralized systems that promote financial inclusion and sustainability. As a profitable and responsible Bitcoin and digital asset miner, powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our mission is to create value for generations to come.

Why we do it

West Nomad was founded on the belief that business can be a force for good and that the single actions of individual people, collectively, have the power to change the world.

Our mission is to solve the number one problem for animal rescues and sanctuaries, which is consistent monthly revenue. We We build cryptocurrency miners for animal rescues and sanctuaries. We cover all the electricity and hosting fees for animal recues and sanctuaries.

Our fleets allow us to provide money to animal rescues and sanctuaries world wide without restrictions, without large fees.

Our operational centers

West Nomad currently has multiple data mining centers located in British Columbia Canada, Quebec Canada, Oklahoma United States, Nebraska United States, and one in Ontario Canada, which allow us to harness the power of diverse energy sources. Our mining centers mine efficiently and in an environmentally conscious manner through an abundance of gas, wind and green energy. We have industry leading power purchase agreements, and operate in areas with freezing cold temperatures and high winds, which are optimal mining conditions. We also maintain a strong working relationship with both community and government localities.

Always ahead of the curve

We are the most innovative digital asset miners and have the computing power to match. Maximizing profit and performance enables us to stay on top of the digital asset industry.

The number one digital asset and mining operation for animal rescues and sanctuaries.


The first data mining company for animal rescues and sanctuaries.


Successfully navigating bull and bear cryptocurrency market cycles