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Our fleets move you forward

We have equipment and expertise to help you stay ahead of the crowd and generate income for generations to come.

Pioneers in mining and managing market volatility, with the Hodl to prove it

Years of experience mining digital assets, multiple data mining centers, and access to world-leading propriety hardware and software. We help host your equipment for your animal rescue, we pay the electricity bill and provide the expertise to navigate bear and bull markets so that you have a steady stream of monthly income.

How It works

  • You buy your miner.
  • You setup a wallet and provide us with the coins wallet address for deposits. We recommend Trezor.io for maximum security
  • Setup an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that works with your country so that you can exchange the cryptocurrency for your native currency when you want to
  • We build the miner and get it connected
  • You receive your mining output every month
  • We cover the electricity cost, hosting and maintenance costs

How Much can I Make Every Month?

It will depend on market pricing as it fluctuates. To get an idea you can visit: whattomine.com. We are currently mining Ethereum, if you prefer Bitcoin you can always convert Ethereum to Bitcoin.